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Casa Pétrus is a one-stop-shop. Our main concern is providing our clients the peace of mind of getting your project done.

We provide you with excellent quality Millwork and Countertops. Every project is 100% customizable; a one of a kind project.

In addition, our services include design, 3D, rendering, fabrication, and installation;

A stress-free experience with impeccable products.


In the year 2015, our newest Millwork Shop and Cabinet factory were opened in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This new venture now helps our supply chain by making the process even faster and efficient. Many of our projects are now proudly fabricated in the USA with American employees. 


Following a vast experience from our state of the art manufacturer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, that brings to life the ideas and inspirations of our creative clientele.


At Casa Pétrus, there’s no middle man. We manufacture and we take care of the installation as well. 



Our shop is located in Miami. Our efficient team has more than 30 years of experience in the field.

We are fully licensed and proud to invest in the latest CNC technology, which adds quality to each slab.

Casa Pétrus imports its own stones, including a wide-ranging inventory. No middle man, granting our clients a better price and exclusive materials.



Casa Pétrus started in Florida with strong connections with designers and custom builders of high-end residential homes.

Our business method is to be connected with our client's dreams, being able to create dreams is what makes us thrive.

We are a trusted partner with the best Designers and Architects in our market. Please contact us if you want to join and start a long-lasting partnership.

Years of experience in the construction and high-end home renovation world.